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Your Best Choice for an International Mover in United States of America

Here's why UniGroup Worldwide International Movers United States of America is without doubt your best choice for moving overseas:

  • First and foremost, unlike other United States of America movers, we are international moving experts specialising exclusively in moving United States of America residents and their belongings safely and seamlessly overseas
  • As the complexities and risks of an international move are significantly greater than a domestic move, it's imperative to entrust packers and movers specifically trained and experienced in overseas moving. Accordingly, we have some of the best international packers and movers anywhere in United States of America, leveraging the international specific training and experience of the world's largest moving company
  • Safely packing and loading your belongings for export, utilizing industry-leading techniques and materials, is of course only half the challenge. Knowing our global network of superior international movers will expertly manage your shipment while in transit, and carefully deliver it to your new home will give you the complete peace of mind you deserve.
UniGroup International movers moving overseas from United States of America

Your best choice for moving overseas from United States of America

Scenic image of international movers in United States of America, UniGroup Worldwide International Movers
Two international movers with highest worldwide accreditation – FAIM Plus

Highest accredited international movers worldwide

Superior international movers in United States of America, and worldwide

In order to ensure the same level of superior quality moving service in United States of America and throughout the world, each of our 1000 service centers are:

  • Accredited to the highest international moving standards globally
  • Held to a stringently enforced UniGroup Service Level Agreement.

10-Steps to a Successful, Stress-Free Move Overseas from United States of America

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UniGroup Worldwide America moving van safely and stress-free moving you anywhere

UniGroup Worldwide America will move you anywhere, safely and stress-free

UniGroup Worldwide America will deliver a safe, seamless, stress-free move to anywhere

Risk: Moving in general is challenging and stressful; moving overseas from America can be exceptionally stressful, and even disastrous if you choose the wrong international moving company.

Solution: With over 85 years' experience, and a fleet of 17,700 vehicles safely delivering 48,000 shipments across 184 countries worldwide, UniGroup Worldwide has the expertise and resources to consistently deliver safe, seamless, stress-free moves to anywhere.

Our expert America team of international movers and packers will painstakingly wrap, pack and safely move your belongings with the utmost care

Risk: Belongings shipped in a sea container will move in 6 different directions, often travelling over 20m with each roll, up to 7 to 10 times per minute for weeks on end. Consider a typical 30-day transcontinental sailing from America, your belongings could be tossed around on the open sea 200-300,000 times before they arrive at your destination.

Solution: Entrust our experienced America international movers and packers to meticulously wrap, pack, load and carefully move your belongings to help ensure their safe arrival to your new home.

Two America international movers and packers moving you with the utmost care

Our America movers and packers will move you with the utmost care

Moving to Canada - Things to Know, See and Do

Moving to Canada - Things to know, see and do

About Canada

Canada, the largest country in North America, is well known for its gorgeous landscapes and diverse culture and history. It is also one of the world's wealthiest countries and a major tourist destination.

In terms of its economy and technology, Canada is very similar to the United States but the countries are very different in other ways. While Canada also has a long history of colonialism over the Indigenous people, it’s perfectly happy with its British heritage.

Immigrants from Britain and France were major contributors to most of Canada's current environment. This majority of Canadians speak French, particularly in Quebec and parts of New Brunswick.

Canada scores very well on indices of economic freedom, corruption and respect for civil rights. Locally, Canada has been successful in negotiating compromises amongst its own diverse populations, which can be a difficult task considering the differences in language, culture and even history. There are many different minorities from all over the world living in Canada, which means that Canadians aren’t strangers to interacting with people from different ethnic backgrounds.

The country is largely urban-based with people from different cultures and backgrounds living closely together.

Geography of Canada

Land Area
Total Area
Closest Major Countries

Economy of Canada

Unemployment Rate
GDP Growth Rate
Inflation Rate
Interest Rate
Major Industries in Canada
Real estate, rental and leasing
Mining, quarrying
Oil or gas Extraction

Transport in Canada

Average Commute Time
36 minutes
Local Airports
Toronto Pearson International Airport, YYZ
Vancouver International Airport, YVR
Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, YUL
Calgary International Airport, YYC
Edmonton International Airport, YEG
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, YWG

Weather in Canada

Note: The following data is for the capital city of Canada
Temperature (°C)
Humidity (%)
Rainfall (cm)
Daylight (hrs)

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